Tender Guidelines

The tenders should essentially include the following information:

  • Name of procuring agency
  • Tender number (for identification)
  • Procurement Title (indicating type and quantity)
  • Contact person (for seeking bidding documents)
  • Last date for obtaining bidding documents and its price (if any)
  • Closing time and date as well as place for receiving bids
  • Time and Place of public opening of bids (Bids must be opened on the closing date at least thirty minutes after the deadline for submission of bids)
  • Amount of bid security (% age of estimated price)
  • Procurement Method
  • Procurement Proceedure
  • In case the tender notice involve different categories of goods, work or services, the procuring agency must mention to whether the evaluation shall be item wise or on accumulative cost basis
  • Bid validity period
  • The bidding document shall be made available to the interested firms/prospecting bidders, immediately after the bidding notice is published