Highlights 2014

10/11   Advertisement 
The companies, manufacturers and organization can now advertise their goods, service, consultancy services and works on PPRA website. For more details please contact PPRA. 
28/10   BOM Meeting
The 3rd Meeting of the Board of Management [BOM] is going to be Held in November Under The Chairmanship of Chief Secretary, Punjab.
20/10   E-Violation Highlighting System
PPRA has introduced an e-violation highlighting system, which will benefit procuring agency to be aware of the violation in their advertisement as soon as the tender will be examine by PPRA.
14/10   Amendments
Amendments are being made in Rule 16 of PPRA Rules 2014. Notification and updated copy of rules are available on PPRA Website.
17/09   Sign up Form
PPRA has introduced sign up form to facilitate all government sector agencies, for getting credentials to access e-tender management system.
14/08   PPRA MIS 1st Roll Out (PPRA & PRMP)
PPRA and PRMP attended the 1st workshop on MIS being two of the set targeted organizations.
01/07   PPRA MIS Roll Out Plan
PPRA MIS is going to be roll out in the financial year 2014-15 after completion of testing phase.
20/06   PPRA MIS Testing Phase (Meeting)
Target depatments get involved and a meeting was held to brief them about the system. The valueable feedback of departments has been received and incorported in system.
11/06   PPRA MIS Demonstration
PPRA MIS Demonstation has been arranged for testing purpose of PPRA MIS.
19/02   Capacity Building Programme
PPRA has arranged a capacity building workshop on Punjab Procurement Rules 2014 in its own premises specifically for school education sector.
15/01   PPRA MIS
PPRA MIS is being developed for ensuring transparency and value for money in public procurement.
Punjab Procurement Rules 2014
Punjab Procurement Rules 2014 [PP rules 2009 repealed]  issued vide notification No. MD(PPRA)2-1/2010.