Frequently Asked Questions

Is it essential that the Tender in Newspaper and on Web site should be displayed on the same date?
Not necessarily but it’s an efficient way to published & upload the Tender. Under sub section [3] of Rule 14 of PPRA Rules 2014 response time shall be calculated from the publication of advertisement in a newspaper or on the website, whichever is later.
When Tender uploading fee must be deposited in the bank?
  Tender uploading fee must be deposited in the bank before uploading the tender on the website.
  What is difference among Gallop Tender Notice, Short Tender Notice & Tender Notice?   Top
There is no provision of Gallop Tender Notice and Short Tender Notice in PPRA Rules 2014.
What does Bid means?
  Bid means a Tender, an offer, in response to an invitation, by a person, consultant, firm, company or an organization expressing his or its willingness to undertake a specified task at prices.
What is the minimum response time for procurement advertisements?
  In terms of Rule 14 of the Punjab Procurement Rules 2014 the minimum response time shall not be less than fifteen (15) days for national competitive bidding and thirty (30) days for international competitive bedding. The Procuring Agencies can increase the response time depending upon nature of procurement.
How can procuring agency calculate response time?
  The response time shall be calculated from the date of first publication of the advertisement in newspaper or posting on the PPRA’s website. In case if the advertisement is mandatory to advertise in both print and PPRA website in terms of Rule 12 of Punjab Procurement Rules, 2014 the response time shall be calculated from the day of last publication either in newspaper or PPRA website.
When the Bid must be opened?
  The date of opening of bids and the last date for the submission of bids shall be the same. Bids shall be opened in the presence of bidders or their representatives at the time specified in the bidding documents. The bids shall be opened atleast thirty minutes after the deadline for submission of bids.
  Can procuring agency fix amount for bid security?   Top
  In terms of Rule 27 of the Punjab Procurement Rules 2014 the procuring agency may require the bidders to furnish a bid security not exceeding five percent of the estimated cost.    
Can procuring agency reject bids without assigning any reason?
In terms of Rule 35(1) of the Punjab Procurement Rules 2014 the procuring agency may reject all bids or proposals at any time prior to the acceptance of a bid or proposal. The procuring agency shall immediately give notice of rejection of bid(s) to all bidders. On request by the bidders, the Procuring Agency shall intimate the reasons of rejection of bids but will incur no liability on this account nor is required to justify the rejection of bids.
  What course of action will be adopted by the procuring agency when all the bids prices substantially exceed the cost estimated/market value?   Top
  The procuring agency is allowed to cancel all the bids prior to acceptance as provided under Rule-35 of the Punjab Procurement Rules, 2014 and invoke Rule 36 of the said Rules for re-bidding.    
  Whether the procuring agency can enter into negotiations with the bidders for the reduction in the prices or to call for new bids?   Top
  Negotiations with the bidder having submitted the lowest evaluated bid or with any other bidder are not allowed as provided under Rule 40 of Punjab Procurement Rules, 2014.    
  Is negotiation if allowed to be made with all the bidders or only with the lowest evaluated bidders?   Top
  Negotiations are not allowed as provided under Rule 57 of Punjab Procurement Rules, 2014.    
  How to Upload Tender Documents at PPRA's Web site?   Top
  By Online:
User ID and Password provided on request for online tender submission by the department itself.
By Post:
Soft copies of Tender documents alongwith deposit slip can be sent by Post/Courier to PPRA, if a procuring agency does not have a User ID and Password.
  It is not clear whether all annual requirements if known would have to be advertised in advance on PPRA's website or just the main items?   Top
  Indicative requirements of annual procurement should be advertised under Rule 8, at macro level, on PPRA's website as well as on the website of the organization concerned for advance information of prospective bidders. Detailed advertisement for processing the procurements should subsequently be made, as required from time to time, in accordance with Rule 12.    
  If a tender for procurement of goods over two hundred thousand rupees and up to the limit of three million rupees is launched on Authority's website, would there be any compulsion on the procuring agency to advertise it in the print media also?   Top
  It is not mandatory to put the advertisement on print media within the limit of .two hundred thousand rupees and three million rupees.    
  If only one tender/bid is received in response to a tender notice advertised in both or one of the media (Authority's website/ print media), should the single tender be accepted or the tender is re-advertised?   Top
  Punjab Procurement Rules, 2014 don't put any limit on number of tenders/ bids received in response to tender notices provided that the procurement opportunity has been advertised in the prescribed manner. The single bid may be considered if it meets the evaluation criteria expressed in tender notice and is not in conflict with any other rules, regulations or policy of the Punjab Government. However the procuring agency should make a decision with due diligence and in the light of Rule 4 "Principles of Procurement".    
  How to compare the only one bid received by a procuring agency?   Top
  Whenever a procuring agency is confronted with such a situation whereby the rate quoted by the single bidder cannot be compared so as to declare it as the lowest rate or otherwise it may make a prudent decision. While making a decision, the following factors may be kept in view:
  • The comparison of price of the goods, works or services if procured during the current financial year.
  • Market price of the goods works and services to be procured.
  • In case abnormal Increase in prices is observed, the procuring agency may like to re-advertise the procurement opportunity, if time permits.
  If no tender/ bid is received against a requirement, what method of procurement is recommended to be adopted (Re-advertisement or Direct Contracting)?   Top
  Re-advertisement would be a preferred option. Direct contracting could also be used provided it meets the prescribed condition for direct contracting.    
  Under the Rule if preference was allowed to a domestic or national supplier/contractor, magnitude of price preference to be accorded should be mentioned. However, a clarification whether the magnitude of price preference should be in figure or the percentage needs to be obtained?   Top
  Preference to domestic or national suppliers or contractors should be in accordance with policies of the Punjab Government.    
  It has been observed that financial limits for procurement under sub rules (a) & (b) are not sufficient. Do these limits need to be reviewed?   Top
  The sub rule (a) of Rule 59 includes provision which reads as "Provided further that procuring agencies convinced of the inadequacy of the financial limit prescribed for petty purchases in undertaking their respective operations may approach the Punjab Government for enhancement of the same with full and proper justifications". Likewise sub rule (b) of Rule 42 includes provision which reads as "Provided that procuring agencies convinced of the inadequacy of the financial limit prescribed for request for quotations in undertaking their respective operations may approach the Punjab Government for enhancement of the same with full and proper justifications." Accordingly the procuring agencies may send a proposal for consideration of PPRA Board.    
  Under sub rule c(iv) a procuring agency may engage in direct contracting for repeat orders not exceeding fifteen percent of original procurement. It is not clear how this rule could be applied in case of procurement of spare parts/equipment.   Top
  Procurement of spare parts has been dealt with separately under Rule 59(c)(i) which reads as "A" procuring agency shall only engage in direct contracting if he following conditions exist, namely:-
The procurement concerns the acquisition of spare parts or supplementary service from original manufacturer or supplier:
Provided that the same are not available from alternative sources;
In case of procurement of spare parts/equipment through open competitive bidding when spare parts of required specifications are available from multiple sources, repeat orders not exceeding fifteen percent of the original procurement of the spare parts/equipment may be placed under rule 59(c)(iv).
  What is mis-procurement?   Top
  Any violation of  PPRA Rule 2014 shall amount to mis-procurement.    
  In case different bidders quote prices partly, how such bids can be evaluated?   Top
  A procuring agency shall announce in an appropriate manner all proposed procurements for each financial year and shall proceed accordingly without any splitting or regrouping of the procurements so planned.    
  Due to immediate need of security of data involved, can a procuring agency adopt the method of direct contracting on Pro-tem basis with an exclusive experienced firm?   Top
Under Rule 59(ii) of PPRA Rules 2014, A procuring agency may engage in direct contracting with a single firm/ manufacturer or supplier, but coupled with extreme security reasons.
  Can a procuring agency award a contract to the firm item wise lowest bidder? In case of goods procurement?    Top
  A procuring agency after formulation / categorization of different goods into different packages may award contract to the lowest bidder for a package without splitting under Rule 09 of PPRA Rules 2014.    
  If a bidder has not submitted the required document with the technical bid as per evaluation criteria, and later submitted after closing time, can it be considered as a responsive bidder?   Top
  The bidder in terms of Rule 12 (1) of PPRA Rules 2014 required to provide all requisite document along with bid before the closing time. He cannot be allowed to submit any missing document to become confirmer to the laid down criteria and shall be disqualified for equity aids the vigilant. The procuring agency shall not open the financial bid to non-responsive bidder.    
  How can a procuring agency determine the price of the bidding documents?   Top
  A procuring agency in term of Rule 25(7) of PPRA Rules, 2014 can charge the fee in view of the cost of printing and provision of documents. Any irrational / excessive price fixing since can curtail competition, therefore must be avoided.    
  If a procuring agency intends to enhance the version of any software, can it be allowed for direct contracting?   Top
  The software purchased from the original manufacturer can be enhanced from the same source in terms of Rule 59(c) of PPRA Rules, 2014, to avoid compatibility issues and operational problems.    
  If a procurement include both sea & air freight cost changes, then what will be the preferred mode of selecting successful bidder?   Top
  A procuring agency should prudently determine the delivery time keeping in view its requirement as both Sea & Air transportation involve huge cost difference. The procuring agency should calculate the difference in transportation cost w.r.t. require delivery time and select the one, which ensures economy and efficiency in the procurement.     
  Can a new contract for similar procurement be made with the successful bidder of the procurement conducted during last / previous year, for this financial year?   Top
  In terms of Rule 8 of PPRA Rules, 2014 procuring agency should make its procurement in accordance with the procurement plan. The procurement conducted last year was on the basis of requirement of that particular year. Hence for abundant caution and financial prudence demands that procurement in the current financial year should be made afresh as the cost determining factors (quantity time, rate of exchange, inflation etc.) various from procurement to procurement.    
  Can a procuring agency adopt partial bidding process used by some other procuring agency for the same nature of procurement?   Top
  PPRA Rules do not obstruct any process conducted by any procuring agency for similar procurement. But for abundant caution procuring agency can in addition to already prequalified bidders invite EOI from other bidders, and if no response comes back then it can take already prequalified bidder on board.    
  If a bidder has submitted the photocopy of bidding documents though he purchases the original documents, can he be disqualified from participating in procurement process?   Top
The bid presented on photocopy of bidding documents with original receipt and signature is a valid document authorizing the bidder to participate in competition. He cannot be disqualified on the aforementioned grounds. 
  What action shall be taken against the firm which failed to submit performance guarantee and E-stamp duty within given time period?   Top
  The terms & conditions of the bidding documents pertaining to the submission of performance guarantee read with relevant PPRA Rule I.e. Rule 20 and 21 may be sought for guidance.    
  Can a procuring agency accept Postal draft in lieu of bank guaranty set by procuring agencies for bid security / performance security?   Top
  The procuring agency may demand / accept bank guaranty bank draft, pay order and call deposit receipt (CDR) in the shape of bid security / performance security in accordance with rule 56 of PPR-14. Postal draft and insurance guaranty cannot be accepted as valid instrument having been issued by non-schedule bank.    

If a bidder quote a product with higher specification within the limit of estimated cost of the required product, due to obsolescence of technology, can it be accepted?

  As per the principle of procurement as envisaged under rule 4 of PPR-14 procuring agency  may proceed and accept the offered product if it falls and respond to the required evaluation criteria and does not disturb the evaluation grading made by the procuring agency.    
  What are the baselines of minimum wages?   Top
  Fixing of minimum wages for skilled and unskilled labour is the prerogative of Labour & Human Resource Department. The department has notified the minimum wages for skilled and unskilled labour vide Notification No. So(D-II)MW/2011(P-V) dated 01-07-2019. PPRA vide circular No. L&M(PPRA) 10-01/2011 dated 03-12-2018 has also directed all the procuring agencies to consider the base line of minimum wages along with other applicable taxes while budgeting their expenditure for the procurement of such services where minimum wages are involved and to evaluate the bids accordingly by considering the fact that rates quoted by the bidders must be complying to the minimum wages along with other applicable taxes.    
  Can a procuring agency extend the date of opening of tender?   Top
  If a procuring agency considers that it is necessary in public interest to extend the last date for the submission of the bids, it may, after recording reasons, do so in the manner similar to the original advertisement. The procuring agency extend the date of opening of the tender by advertising the corrigendum addendum well before the opening date under the provision of rule ibid.    
  Can a procuring agency change the quantity? A procuring agency to what extent can increase or decrease the quantity of items after opening the tender and determination of the lowest evaluated bidder?   Top
  There is no express provision available under PPR-14 which allows to increase or decrease the quantity of items during continuation of a procurement process as same is against the spirit of PPRA rules because quantity always leads to the cost. In case of re-tendering, however quantity may be increased or decreased as it will provide level playing field to all prospective bidders. It is further added that after the completion of procurement process the procuring agency may place repeat orders which shall not exceed fifteen percent of the original procurement under rule 59 (c)(iv) of PPR-14.    
  If amount of work exceed the limit of 3 million but does not exceed in a single work, is it mandatory for a procuring agency to advertise tender notice in newspaper?   Top
  Subject to rule 12, any procurement exceeding three million rupees shall be advertised on the website of the Authority, the website of the procuring agency, if any, and in at least two national daily newspapers of wide circulation, one in English and one in Urdu. The procuring agency would be required to advertise the notice on the website of PPRA as well as in the newspaper as per requirement of rule ibid. It is further added that if tender cost exceeds the thresh hold of rupees three million with same head of account the procuring agency shall be required to advertise the notice under rule ibid.    
  Whether procurement of books / journals and other reading materials are exempted from calling tenders or otherwise?   Top
  If there is a sole dealership/main distributer available in the market for the specific books / journals and other reading materials then provisions of rule 59 may be invoked and in all other cases where alternative sub-distributers are available, the procuring agency in term of Rule 4 of the PPR-14 read with Article 18 & 25 of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 should go for open competitive bidding process for the procurement of subject books.    
  Can the contract of an individual consultant, hired under rule 46 of PPRA-14, be extended for a further period of six months with the consultancy cost not exceeding two million rupees?   Top
  Hiring of the services of the same consultant for the same project since would exceed the financial thresh hold and time bar as exceeding the prescribed limit changes the nature of the procurement of consultancy services from short consultancy to large consultancy hence being violative of PPRA rules is not allowed.    
  Can a procuring agency enhance agreement beyond 15% of original procurement contract in the light of Rule 59(c)(iv) of Punjab Procurement Rules 2014 (PPRA-14) conjunction with clause 42 of the contract agreement variation clause?   Top
  PPRA is of the concerted opinion that enhancement in the original scope of work cannot be allowed under PPRA Rules being different modality from the concept of variation which is allowed (to the extent of 20% of the original procurement in the category of works only and on the basis of unforeseen engineering anomalies) in the light of clause 42 of contract agreement formulated by Finance Department.    
  Can a procuring agency procure, 2nd hand items for example used laptops and printers under PPRA legal framework?   Top
  There is no express provision available under PPRA legal framework to purchase “used Items”. PPRA is also of the view that such practice is no conflict with the principals set by Government which do not permit to procure used / 2nd hand goods.    
  Can a procuring agency extend delivery time of goods due to some natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances?   Top
  The clause of force majeure if was part of the contract than parties to the contract are provided relief from fulfilling their obligations, under unavoidable events which could not be reasonably anticipated at the time of signing the contract and after effects and impact of the same if were beyond the control of the parties. As a settled principal of law, “The intention of the parties has to be gathered not only from the words used in the contract by the parties but also from the circumstances, their beliefs, knowledge and intention as expressed in their correspondence” (PLJ 1978 kar. 471 (DB)).