Redressal of Grievances

The Grievance Redressal is one of the most critical areas and an important function of PPRA. It is also one of the basic indicators of good governance and a barometer to judge the institutional performance as well. The effective and efficient grievances redressal mechanism raises the confidence of the aggrieved parties. The role of PPRA through effective grievances redressal can enhance efficiency, economy and transparency in the public procurements. The PPRA management has always given substantial importance to this very sensitive area. The complaints received in PPRA against procuring agencies are disposed off within 24 hours and the relevant procuring agency is asked to resolve the dispute under PP Rule 67, which states that:

Rule 67:    Redressal of grievances by the procuring agency.-

  • The procuring agency shall constitute a committee comprising of odd number of persons, with proper powers and authorizations, to address the complaints of bidders that may occur prior to the entry into force of the procurement contract.
  • Any bidder feeling aggrieved by any act of the procuring agency after the submission of his bid may lodge a written complaint concerning his grievances not later than ten days after the announcement of the bid evaluation report.      
  • The committee shall investigate and decide upon the complaint within fifteen days of the receipt of the complaint.
  • Mere fact of lodging of a complaint shall not warrant suspension of the procurement process.