Frequent Violations of PP Rules 2014

The Public Sector Organizations, as a result of their capacity lapse and comprehension problem, commit violation of PPRA Rules while conducting the procurements. The violations are mostly committed in the following areas of procurement:
  • Procurement Planning (Rule 8)
  • Formulation of Specifications (Rule 10)
  • Delegation of Powers to the downstream officers to create Procurement Mechanism (Rule 11)
  • Response Time (Rule 14)
  • Prequalification of the Prospecting Bidders (Rule 16)
  • Blacklisting of Suppliers and Contractors (Rule 21)
  • Immediate availability of Bidding Documents (Rule 25)
  • Bid Security (Rule 27)
  • Formulation of Evaluation Criteria (Rule 31)
  • Announcement of Evaluation Reports (Rule 37)
  • Selection of Relevant Procurement Procedures (Rule 38)
  • Understanding of difference between Emergency Procurement and Procurement in Urgency, Constitution of Grievance Redressal Committee (Rule 59)
  • Publication of Evaluation / Bid and Award of Contract