The procurement regime in Punjab Province has undergone three stage evolution. Prior to 1985 the public sector procurement was conducted by the Procurement Wing of Industries Department. Due to increasing quantum of procurement the setup had gone to almost a stale level, which necessitated to shift to decentralize mode. Allowing for the grown requirements the Punjab Government through purchase manual in 1985 made a paradigm shift from a centralized mode of procurement to decentralized mode of a procurement system. The Public Sector Organization were allowed to make their purchases at their own level through their purchase committees headed by Administrative Secretaries of the Department or the Head of the Organization. The purchase manual was revised in 1988 in order to conform to the requirements, however, lacked in transparent procurement procedures which thwart genuine business, no grievance redressal mechanism, bid negotiation lead to kick back negotiation as it discouraged bidders to quote their best price etc. In order to vitiate the ills existing in the procurement system and to achieve best value for money, efficiency, transparency, accountability, fair competition and good governance, new procurement system has been brought in by promulgating PPRA Act and Rules 2014.  The new system fully responds to the international best practices. There is a uniformity in the procurement system at the Federal and Provincial level.