Our Functions

Section 5 of the PPRA Act 2009 stipulates the following mandate and responsibilities of the Authority:
  • The Authority may take measures and exercise powers as may be necessary for improving governance, management, transparency, accountability and quality of public procurement
  • Monitor application of the laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures in respect of, or relating to the public procurement
  • Prepare standard documents to be used in connection with public procurement
  • Establish performance indicators for procurement performance of the Procuring Agencies and monitor compliance with these indicators through independent third party evaluation and make recommendations for improvement of procurement performance of the Procuring Agencies
  • Present an annual report to the Government regarding the overall functioning of the public procurement system, including recommendations on measures to be taken by the Government to enhance the quality of procurement work
  • Call a functionary of a Procuring Agency to provide assistance in its functions and call for information from a Procuring Agency pursuance of its objectives and functions
  • Develop, promote and support training and professional development policy of officials and other persons engaged in public procurement
  • Perform other function as may be assigned to it by the Government